Zeus vs Marduk - Battle of Gods

Who is the deity the Roman Catholic Church worships and offers child sacrifices?


A friend of mine mentioned what happened in the first U.S.A. - Iraq war. There were so many incidents of the destruction of Babylonian artifacts during that war. Some were justified by the Islamist groups of destroying idols of the false god Marduk. They were correct, but they were given a chance by the American executive branch which was controlled by the George Bush family and friends.

If Bush family destroyed Marduk’s belongings in Iraqi museums, it makes perfect sense because Bush family worshipped Zeus.

Judaism, remember the incident with the golden bull idol which angered Moses (Exodus 32:21-24)? The bull, Taurus is the symbol of Zeus, because of the Zodiac sign. Ram, Aries is the sign of Marduk because that is his Zodiac sign, and the Jewish jubilee of 50 years and blowing the Ram horn is related to him (Leviticus 25:8-13, Jubilee (Biblical). 50 was the number of rank relating to the crown prince and commander of Earth according to the Anunnaki ranking system. Marduk is Zeus' nephew. He is the son of Poseidon and was more like his uncle Zeus concerning his methods of conflict resolution, war. In the process of protesting his grandfather's decision to let his uncle, Zeus, to control Earth, instead of his father Poseidon, he created many conflicts, alienated cousins and siblings. He was exiled multiple times, allegedly buried alive in the Great Pyramid of Giza, which by the way makes it impossible for any pharaoh to build the Great Pyramid as a side note. And most importantly the nuclear holocaust of Mesopotamia in 2024 B.C.

Usually, Judaism and Christianity should be at war, because what is the Catholic Church’s name? Roman Catholic Church. Who did Romans worship? They worshipped Jupiter/Zeus.

But, another group of people who also worshipped Zeus infiltrated Judaism and used/still using Israel for their agenda. That’s why some Orthodox Jews do not accept the rule of Israel’s government citing that their policies are not aligned with the Jewish laws. The false story, explanation of the difference by the mainstream media is that the complaining orthodox Jews do not like the idea of secularism. So the worshippers of Zeus are hiding behind the secularist ideals, in Israel.

In contrast, the same Zeus worshipping people and anti-secularist in the U.S.A. because that is what benefits them in that country.

So don’t confuse the secularism in one country and secularism in another, because they are in the case of Israel and the U.S.A. opposite in practical terms.

Romans were very smart, smartest of the human race so far as a nation, or empire, since they are the longest lasting ones, they are still in power, and they are controlling the whole world.

Why did the Romans kill Jesus? Because Jesus was a Jewish prophet. He was merely Jewish from their perspective. And they didn’t want the Jews to organize and rebel against the Romans. Jews of the time didn’t like Jesus because it meant the power structure at the time of the Jewish establishment had to change, and nobody wants to relinquish the power they have.

Now, to the last part of the puzzle, the priest brotherhood of Egypt. Egypt, for a time, was ruled by Marduk. After he was exiled from Babylon to Egypt, he exiled Thoth from Egypt sending him to the Americas. During that time he established himself as Ra, the Sun god. After a while, he was again punished, and once buried alive in the Great Pyramid (allegedly, not confirmed). And doing that was reasoned by the already infiltrated priest brotherhood of Thoth, for exiling their past master priest god Thoth. Little known at the time was that this was a takeover of the Zeus’ followers and turned the Egyptian religion completely upside down starting blood sacrifices to Zeus and black magic.

The priest brotherhood did not invade the Roman Catholic Church; they were invited, transferred, once Romans invaded Egypt they were impressed with the practices of their real brothers because they were worshipping practically the same god, Zeus. Albeit the Egyptian priest brotherhood did it under the pretense of worshipping Ra, the Sun god, which was taken over by Marduk after Thoth’s exile to the Americas.

Do you see how simple it is, to answer, such complicated questions?

After that, it shouldn’t be so surprising emperor Constantine’s mutilation of Jesus’ teachings when he established the rules and regulations of the Bible in the counsel he summoned at 342 A.D. in the city of Iznik which resides in today’s Turkey. It should be no surprise that Zeus infiltrated Israel and Zeus worshipping Roman Catholics hate Turkey, not because of Turkish religion but a country which is home to Marduk’s original religion, Judaism. Abraham’s father traveled with his family including a young Abraham to the city of Harran, just a little north of the Syrian - Turkish border on the Turkish side. All the religious sites which are in Turkish jurisdiction today, city of Harran, Mount Ararat where Noah’s ark landed, Gobekli Tepe which contains the oldest of the oldest ruins in the world, Greek gods temples in the ancient city of Ephesus and of course Istanbul as the most essential modern historical city in the world (allegedly).

All these sites are potentially a threat to Zeus’ followers.

Now, can you comprehend the relationship of the Bush, Clinton, Obama, Soros families and the Vatican? They all worship Zeus under the pretense of Jesus.

This war to control the world in the name of Zeus is the real conspiracy. Simply put, the followers of Zeus, controlled the world, since Zeus was made the ruler of the command of the world by his father, Anu. Enlil-Zeus in the process of ruling from a distance figured out that the best way to do that is by calling collect when he needed communicating with his followers. That joke is concerning the fact that blood sacrifices send energy to another dimension for inter-dimensional communication. Zeus is not the only inter-dimensional entity that you can offer a blood sacrifice to. And the practical benefits to the people who make the blood sacrifices include but not limited to favors granted by inter-dimensional beings in this dimension, the blood of the children containing youth giving properties, sex, money and all the other sins associated with humanity.

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