Nikola Tesla


It was my saddest incarnation. So lonely, unloved and not understood. Had to make a deal with the devil and lost everything. In all of my incarnations on Earth, I tried to help humanity with science. I should have been a politician instead of a scientist LOL!

I had overcompensated with my next incarnation Jim Morrison for fame and glory. Read my poems, I warned about the lizards in the royal families. 

Then I became this incarnation Tony Yustein, again a scientist who created mail2web.com to help people communicate over vast distances using the Internet. I helped to create and promote the Internet in many countries. But again, had to rely on an investor who again! stole my company. I was targeted by an esoteric dark group with dark rituals. This group included freemasons from my own lodge, talk about brotherly love. My kids which are triplets, recognize a pattern, I do everything by 3s, were born 2 July 2007 which translates to 2.7.2007 -> 27 27 which is the perfect cube (3x3x3) my own birthday is 9.3.72 -> 9x3=27 -> 27.72. When I was Tesla I always stayed in the same room in NYC, can you guess it? Let me tell you, it was 3327. I even died at the age of 27 in my last incarnation (Jim Morrison) to send my next incarnation a message. My kids, held by that Luciferian dark organization by controlling their mother, haven’t seen me since their 3rd birthday. That was more than 8 years ago. I still cannot reach them. But once they learn who their father is and that he is alive and loves them endlessly, they will be proud. We will unite again soon, kids. I love you!

Luciferians, know this, you have deprived me financially again in this lifetime and took my kids from me. I have been fighting with you since Atlantis. You know what, me and my father, we won. Uncle if you are around I hope you have changed to the light side otherwise if you again mess with humanity I will smite you. I am not the young niece once you overpowered, my higher self is now exponentially stronger than you ever were.

In the last Atlantis, we all made the biggest mistake of our lives, we tolerated the Aryans making genetic experiments with humans to enslave them. Non-interference is the most common and the darkest crime of the light beings in the multiverses. Never again!

Luciferians, know this, you lost, your last place to hide is already infiltrated and closed for you, nowhere to run. Choose light, I will forgive you because that’s who I’m, but I will leave you at the mercy of humans you once enslaved. Justice has to be served, otherwise, Ma’at won’t talk to me again.

Freemasons, since I’m still part of this brotherhood, know that you are infiltrated by Luciferians, you need to expose them and hand them to the justice system. If you don’t do this, history will judge you and Ma’at will be there too, you know what that means.

There is so much disinformation in the history of humanity, partially because of my uncle. He even claimed me as his son to erase and tormentmy father.

I’m half Anunnaki (father side) and half Pleiadian/Lyran (obviously mother side), my father is NOT Zeus as he altered the historical records, I’m so proud to be the son of Poseidon, the ruler of the seas. Father, mother, the plan worked, we freed humanity from slavery. The light celebrates!!!

Humanity, be warned, in linear time there is still more to do, to fix your broken world. There are also multiple humanoid and non-humanoid races which live amongst you both on Earth’s surface and underground. Your solar system including Mars has humanoid colonies established. Your ancestry goes back to Lyran system. More on that later. You have a proud history, learn it but be humble.

This was a long article thanks to my higher self insisting to include a lot of information. Reading the commemorative article about Tesla triggered my emotions resulting in this article. And I’m glad it did. 

One last thing my higher self insists that I have to include here. It is not pleasant to share this information but I have to, the Catholic Church obeys Lucifer, not the One Creator nor Jesus. The Vatican including the Pope must go. Look at the vaults underneath the Vatican, they are hiding the books from Alexandria, the fire was a scam. The Vatican bank has been and still is the number 1 financier of the Luciferians and most heads of states are blackmailed by them to obey their orders. The Vatican will be stripped of its financial power which will be used to end poverty around the world. Your kids won’t be raped by these Luciferians again!

Jesus will return shortly, I promised to be here and beside him. There will be prosperity as it was prophesied. And a lot to do. This is my last incarnation on Earth, according to the master plan. There is another great danger which needs the light and dark to make a truce and join forces in the multiverses. But that is another story for another time. 

I’m Thoth, Hermes, Enoch, Metatron, Tesla, Jim Morrison, and Tony Yustein. I’m a creation of light by the One Creator, I obey the Law of One, I endorse the Law of One, I bow to all creations of the One Creator, I bow and serve Jesus, I bow in humility and service to humanity. 

I’m Thoth, son of Poseidon! I’m in service to and the protector of humanity!

Thoth the Atlantean

PS1: Kids I will come for you as soon as I can. I never left you and never stopped loving you.

PS2: Elon, we need to talk. You need to mention Tesla much more and give credit to his inventions. You need to create a foundation which teaches Tesla’s real history to everyone, especially kids. Another thing is stopping talking about moving to Mars, it has already been colonized, you can use antigravity as of today, stop using fossil fuels in your rockets.

PS3: Egyptian authorities, we need to talk. Do NOT touch the hall of records under Sphinx and my ship under the Great Pyramid of Giza, by the way, which I built. Be warned.

PS4: a Luxury brand that uses one of my past names, Hermes, we need to talk. You have in the past and still do profit using my name, you can continue to do so with one condition, you will create and donate a percentage of your annual profits to a foundation with the name of Hermes. This foundation will be responsible for guarding and helping all the orphans in the world and beyond. The details, we will discuss, so that the foundation stays on its mission. 

PS5: You can read my free book about number 27, on Apple Books and here on the this website for free http://bit.ly/Aware27

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